Stop protecting the computer.

Protect the CPU.

Advantages in our Technologies

The iPU™ (immunized Processing Unit) is capable of

  • satisfying real-time protection for transportation systems

  • operating without update, lag time, extra cost & communication, and more

  • operating fully automated & user friendly security without recurring cost

  • detecting & disabling unauthorized programs before running

  • only running programs authorized by users or authorized machines

The CALPU™ (Compiler-Assisted Lookahead Processing Unit) is capable of running an authorized program in a secure and lookahead manner for

  • detecting and disabling unauthorized programs

  • eliminating branch prediction delay

  • discarding unnecessary flow-control instructions

  • reducing instruction fetch cycles while guaranteeing code compatibility

  • reducing energy consumption by employed Small Simple Low-Power Caches (SSL Caches)

  • applying for low-power, high-performance mobile and server computing systems (i.e. smartphones, tablets, servers, etc.)


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