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Imagine a world without cybercrime


Immunize Your CPUs from All Cyber Threats & Transform for HPC/LP for AI/ML




The iPU™ (immunized Processing Unit) is capable of

  • detecting & disabling unauthorized programs before executing

  • responding & protecting regardless of types of cyber-attacks (no identification and recovery required) without any security software and overheads, including performance, power consumption, chip size and cost, etc.

  • running only programs authorized by users or authorized machines

  • operating without update, lag time, extra cost & communication, and more

  • operating fully automated & user friendly security without recurring cost

  • satisfying real-time protection for transportation systems

The CALPU™ (Compiler-Assisted Lookahead Processing Unit) is capable of running only authorized programs in a secure and efficient manner for

  • detecting unauthorized programs

  • eliminating branch prediction delays

  • discarding unnecessary flow-control instructions

  • reducing instruction prefetch & fetch cycles while guaranteeing code compatibility

  • reducing energy consumption by employed Small Simple Low-Power Caches (SSL Caches)

  • applying for high-performance (HP) & low-power (LP), mobile and server computing systems (i.e. servers, smartphones, tablets, AI/ML accelerators, autonomous battery-powered cars, etc.)

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We are writing to bring to your attention a groundbreaking solution to combat cybercrime - our immunized Processing Units (iPUs). As we all know, cybercrime is a rapidly growing industry that poses a significant threat to our nation’s security and economy. Our iPUs offer a proactive and inherent approach to cybersecurity that can revolutionize the way we protect our devices and information.

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