Our Immunized Processing Unit (iPU) "proactively protects" any computer system/device from cyber-attacks in real-time without security software.

iPU "detects and immediately inactivates threats" in computer system/device.

"Any type of processor can be transformed" to the same type of iPU.

The transformed iPU is capable of regenerating security-enabled instructions "at random times" with "a random format" within "randomly scheduled times" by an authorized personnel or other authorized iPU system.

This security-enabling process can be completed without expensive manufacturing of new iPUs.

iPU "randomly customizes" itself for target applications and makes computing systems "more secure, run faster, and take up lower operating power & cost".

 Our iPU system can be used for security-enabled cyber servers, PCs/laptops, smartphones/tablets, cyber-physical/embedded systems (i.e., autonomous cars/robots), IoT devices, etc.

iPU offers "an all-in-one security solution" for all types of computers and electronic devices without overheads.