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Prospective Benefits of Proactive Cybersecurity

with iPU for Emerging Innovations

Series 2: Information Technology (IT) + iPU & CALPU

Billions of IoTs and embedded systems (e.g., autonomous/electric vehicles, flying objects, smart-home/security systems, autonomous farming equipment, biometric cybersecurity scanners, ultra-high-speed wireless internet, wearable health monitors, smart factory equipment, etc.) have been using and will continuously introduced in the future.
The IoTs and embedded systems employ microcontrollers (MCUs) and/or other types of processors (i.e., embedded processor, DSP, ASIP, media processor, etc.). Almost all of them are connected via communication networks, which also make any connected IoT/embedded system vulnerable. In particular, MCUs or processors (e.g., CPU/AP/etc.) connected to 5G networks (e.g., 10 Gbps speed) face impossible or significantly limited to run security software. To resolve these issues, cybersecurity of IoTs and embedded systems on ultra-high speed networks must be performed on the CPU level. Thus, CPU protection will not be an optional, but mandatory.
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