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adaptmicrosys is a proactive cybersecurity & HPC solution company.

Our solutions are to immunize processors (i.e., CPU/GPU/DSP/AP/MCU/etc.) from all cyber threats. This is the cybersecurity of the future. Our immunized Unit (iU) with our IPs and proprietary technologies transforms any types of vulnerable processors into immunized versions (i.e., immunized processing units (iPUs)) by randomly switching between millions of machine languages at any time. The iPU provides solid protection. But what’s more, it actually contributes processors run faster, consume less energy, and cost less to manufacture, all while guaranteeing code compatibility.

adaptmicrosys’ vision is this:

We will end this cyber pandemic without endless vaccination or worries about future variants;

We will make cybersecurity comprehensive, foolproof, and accessible for all; and

We will no longer have to imagine a world without cybercrime.


Paul (SK) Jung


Intellectual Properties (US Patents)

Jung, “Immunized Processing Unit/Security-enabled Computing System/Compiler-Assisted Lookahead Frontends of Processor/Small, Simple, Low-power Memory Systems/Security-enabled Code Compilation/Adaptive Fetch/Information Security related Patent Applications are issued,” Multiple US Utility Patent Applications are currently pending.​

Gwan Choi (Ph. D.) is a Vice-President of VLSI Technology at Adaptmicrosys. He is an Associate Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University. He has worked for Cray Research Inc. and Tandem Computers Inc. and has been a visiting scientist at the NASA Langley Research Center. His research interests include fault-tolerant memory, high performance VLSI circuits, design for dependability, and software engineering. 


He received his Ph. D., MS, and BS from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

Rainer Fink

Business Advisory Board

  • Louise Kirkbride from Tech Futures Group (TFG) at NorCal SBDC

Paul Jung is a General Manager of Adaptmicrosys, USA. He has professional careers at startups and large corporations as a team leader. 


He received his BS from University of California  Berkeley Engineering School (UCB), Berkeley , CA, USA.

Gwan Choi

Rainer Fink (Ph. D.) is a Director of Business Development at Adaptmicrosys. He is an Associate Professor in Electronics Engineering Technology at the Texas A&M University. He is a director of Texas Instruments Mixed-Signal Test Laboratory at Texas A&M and has also been involved as an active member for 9 venture companies in his career. 

He received his Ph. D., MS, and BS from the Texas A&M University.

Advisory Board Members

Current & Former Advisory Board Members are:

  • James Carter

  • Jeffrey Parnell

  • Carter McCrary

  • Roy Campbell

  • Jim Cosco

Technical/White Papers

  1. Immunized Processing Unit (iPU) for cybersecurity without Security Software," Adaptmicrosys.

  2. "SE-CPU: Security-enabled Computing System-Stop Protecting Computers! Securing CPUs Which Control Computers," Adaptmicrosys.

  3. “CALO3: Transform Your Processors with Compiler-assisted Lookahead Out-of-Order (CALO3) Fetch System,” Adaptmicrosys.

  4. “CAL: Create Changes for Better CPUs with a Compiler-assisted Lookahead (CAL) I-Fetch/Br-Prediction/Loop Scheme,” Adaptmicrosys.

  5. “CLB: Compiler-assisted Look-ahead Branch-prediction for Mobile Application Processors,” Adaptmicrosys.

  6. “CIF: Development of a Cooperative Hardware/Software Instruction Fetch (CIF) Mechanism for Designing Mobile Application Processors,” Adaptmicrosys.

  7. “all.LITTLE Technology for Mobile SoC Processors with Language Adaptive Processor (LAP) Technology,” Adaptmicrosys.

  8. “all.LITTLE Technology for Mobile SoC Processors with Adaptive Instruction Memory (AIM) Technology,” Adaptmicrosys.

  9. “AIM: An Adaptive Instruction Memory System for Low-power and High-performance Computing,” Adaptmicrosys.

  10. “Stop Wasting Your Cache Memory,” Adaptmicrosys.

  11. “Post-manufacturing Instruction Set Synthesis for Adaptive CPUs,” Adaptmicrosys.

  12. “Give Your Processor a New Life for its Future,” Adaptmicrosys.

  13. “An Emerging Adaptive CPU Architecture and Compilation Technology,” Adaptmicrosys.

  14. “What if your processor is capable of running customized instructions whenever necessary,” Adaptmicrosys.

  15. “An Intellectual Property/Technology Development and Dissemination Company,” Adaptmicrosys.

  16. “FPSR: Field-programmable Self-repairable (FPSR) CPU Microarchitecture,” Adaptmicrosys.

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