Compiler-Assisted Lookahead Processing Unit

for Cybersecurity

A CALPU is a processor that runs an authorized program in a secure and lookahead manner for (1) eliminating branch prediction delay, (2) discarding unnecessary flow-control instructions, and (3) reducing instruction fetch cycles while guaranteeing code compatibility. 


comprises of

  • CAL Frontend Processor 

  • single or multiple Backend Processors

performs secure, high-performance, & low-power lookahead operations

CAL-Compiler (CALpiler) 

is an Instruction Stream Compiler (ISC).

CAL-Simulator (CALmulator)

  • Execution-driven, Cycle-accurate Simulator

  • Is a simulator for various instruction sets 

  • Integrated with a high-speed cache performance simulator. 

Small Simple Low-Power Cache (SSL Cache) 

  • SL L1/L2 i-caches reduce the dynamic and leakage power.

  • Adaptable Instruction Memory 

  • Post-assembly Code Compiler (AIMpiler) 

Adaptable Instruction Memory (AIMulator)

  • Execution-driven, Cycle-accurate Simulator​

  • For Adaptive Instruction Memory System

  • Facilitates interfacing between the AIM system & CAL-CPUs 


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