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Plants Attacks


Decentralized Cyber Leadership



Problems in Energy Sectors (2):

Cybersecurity Vulnerability in Natural Gas Sectors

Different types of power plants and systems (e.g., natural-gas/nuclear/hydroelectric power plants, etc.) have been operating in energy grids. Demands of the power plants and systems rely on a few common factors (e.g., operational cost & economic value). For instance, global liquid natural gas (LNG) demand in 2020 was approximately 120 Bm3 or 3% decreased. However, strategists mentioned that this LNG demand changes was temporarily and continuously grow after 2020. The operation cost of natural-gas power plants are affected accordingly. Another common factor (i.e., security) is vulnerability of the sectors against cyber-attacks because of
(1) increasing number of attacks,
(2) decentralized cybersecurity leadership, and
(3) unique interdependencies between physical and cyber infrastructure electric-power and natural gas sectors, especially for the commandeering of operations technology (OT) systems.

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