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Malware Attacks

Problems in Energy Sectors (3):

Cyber-attacks in Industrial Control Systems (ICSs)


Cyber-attacks target gas power plants and aim other facilities (i.e., gas wells, utility companies etc.). The U.S. intelligence community alarmed the UglyGorilla attack on gas pipeline companies and breached the 300,000 mile-long pipelines.
(1) A security expert warned such attacks could result in large amount of time to recover or shut off the natural gas.
​(2) Another successful attack was reported by the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). As per the report, a ransomware attack shuts down a gas compressor station for two days. This resulted in a loss of revenue and productivity. The sophisticate attack hacked the industrial control systems (ICSs) which assist to operate pipelines and power grids. Experts revealed that the compressor station attack initiated on the information technology (IT) side of a pipeline company during its operations and then propagated to the OT side because of a lack of system segmentation. More often malware attacks target the OT side. Security analysts alert that ICS networks become more vulnerable in the future.

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