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Cyber Resiliency
Proactive Cyber

As energy generation has been evolving, power plants are also diversified. However, prediction of power outage can be occurred random time and location. Thus, researchers and experts consent that “resiliency” of the power outage represents a new era in energy industry and R&D community. 
Recovery from power outage can rely on different scales of power plant outage and various types of power plants on the electric grid. A power plant under outage can restart if the plant is still connected to supply power for necessary systems, equipment, and others including a generating unit via the electric grid. However, a widespread outage (i.e., “blackout”) on the grid may hinder black start operations because of powerless situations. For the successful powering up black start plants, a sequence of the black start steps needs to be taken expeditiously and safely. Natural gas plants have positive and negative characteristics including
(1) large scale, (2) prompt restart, (3) tolerances, (4) strong connections to the transmission network, (5) dependency on pressurized gas supply, etc.

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Problems in Energy Sectors (5):

Black Start: A Resilience Process after Unsuccessful Reactive Protections

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