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Prospective Benefits of

Proactive Cybersecurity with iPU

for Emerging Innovations


Series 1: Artificial Intelligence (AI) + iPU & CALPU

The same proactive cyber protection is capable of immunizing emerging innovations, including evolving Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as inherently providing high-performance and low-power computing capabilities. One of the important functions of AI is "the future of all complex decision making" based on massive data processing, including data absorption and interpretation, within extremely limited time or real-time period. The AI operations, i.e., deep machine learning (ML), also need to utilize authorized and trusted data. For instance, Google built their own Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) for providing affordable high-speed ML to achieve research and business breakthroughs "ranging from network security to medical diagnoses" via Cloud AI.

The immunized Processing Unit (iPU)-based proactive protection prevents AI machines from utilizing malicious information provided by unauthorized personnel (e.g., hackers) and enhances performance and energy consumption as well. Therefore, immunized AI machines can only be evolved according to intentions of authorized users via "secured, high-performance, energy-saving" cloud computing environments.

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