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Cybersecurity of the Future


Proactive Cybersecurity (iPU) + CALPU

By any measure, the security market is massive, and cyber-attacks spur demand for security software. Costs of cybercrime damage are slated to reach $6 trillion by 2021 annually. That would be about 30 companies like Intel disappearing in one year. The CPU protecting cybersecurity will form a wave of several major, long-term security and security-required R&D and business trends to:  
   1)    reduce or eliminate protection expenses due to the built-in nature of the proactive protections; and 
   2)    mitigate computing and networking time and cost overheads by reducing or removing trends of the existing security software updating and network monitoring overheads. 

We expect that further R&D will immunize any type of processor (e.g., CPU, AP, DSP, NPU, MCU, etc.) for any computer, smart-connected device, embedded system, IoTs, etc., which are secured with security software or not even protected.

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